Top 5 Android Stock Market And Investment Tracking Apps For 2015

Stock investing in Chicago has become very popular over recent times. There are now thousands, if not millions, who look to investments to help supplement their earnings. However, many new and expert investors are looking for the tools to help them succeed and keep on track of their investments and there can be nothing better than apps to do so. What are the top 5 Android stock market and investment tracking apps for 2015?

USA Today Portfolio Tracker

One of the top stock market and investment tracking apps for 2015, the USA Today portfolio tracker looks very promising. The app is free to all Android users and you can basically track your investment and stock market portfolio. Everything is done in real time and you can use the app on any Android device too which can be very useful if your tablet isn’t nearby. You can track stocks, ETF’s, your 401K and everything else! It’s a useful Chicago stock analysis software to can also find more detail about 3 ways of Choosing the Right Stock Analysis Software.

Bloomberg App

This is a stock market app and even though it’s still relatively new, it’s also one of the best available today. The Bloomberg App is free for all Android users and it offers a lot of things including articles about the latest stock news, charts, offers a past look at stock prices, and tells users about the current market and many more things in-between too. This isn’t technically a stock analyzer but its one good app to help keep on track of things.

Stock Market Live Wallpaper

The Stock Market Live Wallpaper is a nice and simple app to use for Android devices. You can see a heat map of all stocks that you are investing or watching and it’s all very simple to use. There aren’t many difficulties when using this app so even if you haven’t used many of these before it isn’t difficult to use. This could be a good little stock analyzer when watching certain investments.

Top 5 Android Stock Market And Investment Tracking Apps For 2015

The Street App

You have the ability to get the latest stock news as well as get quotes within a short period of time too. The Street App is certainly one of the easiest to use and it works perfectly on any Android device as well. Of course, you get the latest news on the things that concern you and your stock investment which is just perfect. You can also find more detail here This is also a free app.

JSTOCK Free Stock Market Software

Stock investing has become very popular though, it’s always hard to keep track of everything that is going on. However, with the JSTOCK free stock market software, you might just find things a lot simpler. There is an array of charts and graphs to look at when you want to keep on top of the latest development as well as offer stock indexes from around the world. There are some lovely tools here and whether you choose the free version or paid version, it will be well worth the money.

Get the Best App

There are quite a few apps out there when it comes to the stock market and investing but the above five are just some of the top ones available. You don’t have to choose to use any of them if you don’t want to, they are just a suggestion. However, you should always look for a good stock app and there are quite a few options out there to choose from also. Get the best stock analysis software.

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