Top 10 Stock Analysis Websites

Investing and trying to decide whether or not to purchase stock market analysis software can be somewhat frightening for an individual, especially a beginner. Investing can be a confusing and oftentimes broad subject to delve into. With so many selections to choose from, it can bewilder even the most experienced investor. While one may be experienced or well versed in the world of stock market trading, there is an endless supply of knowledge and strategies that can be accessed via World Wide Web. Investing is only sensible to the investor. With different options available, deciding which investment would be best suited may be difficult. In saying this, we will now discuss the top 10 stock analysis websites.

1) Investopedia happens to be the internet’s largest website for stock market and investment education. If a person is interested in learning the ropes of stock market trading, this website is loaded with helpful articles. Founded by Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner, this website features stock market terminology and definitions and a stock simulator that allows the user to look into the stock and how much is makes or loses over a period of time. This happens to be one of the better stock analyzers on the internet. Forex analysis is also offered on this website.

2) Dividend Investor is also another wonderful website dealing with stock market analysis. This website provides stock data. Mining tools are available on this website to help investors screen the original source for more details.

3) Seeking Alpha is another website used for stock analysis. This is a wonderful website that partners with NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and MSN Money. Focusing on stock trading news, this website has been highly effective since its creation in 2004.

4) MSN Money is a fantastic website geared at helping boost an investor’s portfolio. There are many financial services available on this website. Associating itself with CNBC, MSN Money is a part of Microsoft and makes available stock exchange prices as well as information concerning the companies.

5) Wall Street Journal is a newspaper that is, in many ways, considered to be iconic. Becoming a staple to most investors, the Wall Street Journal contains valuable information company-specific investing. This newspaper is available by mail or online.

6) Zach’s Investment Research contains very useful information concerning stock analysis. This website does require registration. However, this registration is free and gives the user access to in-depth stock research not only for stocks but for funds as well.follow this post at

7) Investor Guide contains a wonderful stock analyzer tool. While this website does compare to several mentioned above, this website proves the user optimal strategies that will provide investors with the knowledge necessary to succeed in stock market trading.

8) Bloomberg L.P. is a wonderful online database filled with information concerning the stock market. This excellent platform provides investors with stock analyzer software tools, equity trading tools, and up-to-date news concerning any financial company.

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9) Yahoo Finance is like several of the websites mentioned above. It provides information concerning financial news. It made the top 10 because since it began in 2008, it has been the most used financial research website.

10) MetaStock– Thomas Reuters rounds out our top ten websites. This website is recommended because they provide real-time news concerning financial news, technical analysis tools, and stock system market analysis that contain global data. This has all been backed by customers giving excellent reviews. It is also one of the easiest to use.

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